Death is a real Bitch is a blog and podcast series, created after the unexpected death of my mother in 2016. This blog follows my journey through grief as I navigate how to live my life in the her absence and how I cope day to day with my grief. It has become my safe space, a place to get all of my thoughts and feelings out of my head.

The podcast series was created a year and a half later, to share everything  I have learned through the process of grief therapy and information I wish I had access to in the immediate aftermath of my mother’s passing.  There is no one way to get through grief, and everyone goes through that process differently, but I hope that Death is a real Bitch can serve as your safe space, the place you go to get out of your head, or a place you go to not feel so alone. Please feel free to share this blog and podcast with anyone who has experienced loss, no matter how recently, because as we know, grief is a journey, not a destination.

I am not a mental health expert, grief counselor or psychologist and this is not a substitute for actual therapy with any of the above mentioned professionals.

If you or someone you know is currently dealing with depression or suicidal thoughts following the death of a loved one, please encourage them to visit for hotlines and crisis center information in their area.